Cambridge Biotherapies Ukraine Medical Relief Fund

Cambridge Biotherapies, a psychiatric clinic in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, has begun buying and shipping medical supplies to Ukraine. We are uniquely positioned to serve as a conduit because we have licensed access to medical supply companies in the United States, and contacts with physicians and transportation services in and around Ukraine who are doing their best to ensure delivery of these supplies directly to providers, clinics, and hospitals that are desperately in need of help. Our mission is to save lives and ease suffering, and we are asking for donations that will be used immediately to send as much medical aid as quickly as possible. YOU can help this endeavor by donating to the Cambridge Biotherapies Ukraine Medical Relief Fund, and we will continue to donate as well. We will provide updates about the progress of our efforts on this page as soon as we are able. If you can share this webpage with others, we would welcome whatever help we can get. And thank you.

NOTE: Whatever funds we are not able to spend directly on the purchase and shipment of medical supplies will be donated to charities or non-governmental organizations of our choice whose missions are to supply medical aid to Ukraine, or otherwise ease suffering in this war-torn region.


12th March 2022

From Olga Pavlayeva:

A quick check-in from our night shift med team and some thoughts that have been sitting heavily on my heart.
Besides too many innocent lives lost, the countless injuries, and the devastation of the Ukrainian cities and towns, one of the worst crimes of this horrendous war is the dehumanization of people.

"We left everything. Everything! We had a big house near Kyiv. We built it ourselves. You should've seen our orchard: it was beautiful."

"I'm a single mom, and I had nothing when I started out, but I managed to grow my own business. I had several offices around the country."

"I'm an art teacher. I was a good teacher too. My students used to constantly win awards in Europe."

We take patients' blood pressure or temperature, and they hurriedly tell their us their stories while we work. People look down at their hands, cry quietly, and then try to catch our eyes, as they stumble to say something, anything to remind themselves that they once were "normal" and "successful", despite their current child-like state of waiting to be directed where to go, what to do, and whom to speak with. They once were financially stable, respected folks with secure future and long-term goals. All of that now seems lost to them, along with their homes, family albums, and grave sites of their loved ones. They clutch their children's small hands and carry all that's left of their former lives in one or two small bags.
We hold them, hug them, and listen to them. I don't know what to say more often than not. "Sorry" just doesn't seem to cut it. I need a whole new vocabulary for this.

9th March 2022

Our fearless and amazing Head Nurse, Olga Pavlayeva, is in Poland right now at the border with Ukraine, helping treat refugees. She reports that the flow of people is overwhelming, and the situation is “horrible.”

"Tonight, Aleks Medic and I are working at the border checkpoint. While we didn't initially plan on it, we've ended up staying the night to relieve an exhausted Rescuers Without Borders team from Israel at their medical tent. The night is bitterly cold again, and the pedestrian refugees are coming to the Polish side after many hours of walking on foot and standing in long lines. Many of them, especially seniors, are worn out to the bone, so we're expecting cardiac issues, dehydration, hypothermia, etc. Alexander Zharov , Iryna Amiramova , and Alexandra Sasha Sakurets are running our medical site at the transfer center. Apparently, our shift system has just failed miserably, and sleep is for the weak."

This is a huge warehouse space in a mall now turned into a Ukrainian refugee transfer center. It's just one of the several "sleeping" areas here and is considered to be a fairly luxurious accommodation. The lights stay on at all times, and you get to sleep (not) with 500-700 neighbors. I think we'll be able to hear and smell this picture even decades from now.

She will be back March 14 and we will hear more from her then.

We have raised approximately $20,300 so far. One large shipment has been sent, the next will be sent as soon as possible.

8th March 2022

This is pure man-made hell. We continue to treat the refugees to the best of our abilities. The team is a little worse for the wear, but we're managing. There are thousands of people who are exhausted and traumatized beyond any belief, and our services fall in the realm of psychiatric help as frequently as medical aid. If this looks like hell to us, I can't even begin to imagine what it feels like to them.

America might be running on Dunkin's, but our team runs on this jet fuel. It'll give you an ulcer in about 5 seconds, but it sure does keep you awake.

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