MDMA-Assisted Therapy in Beverly

MDMA-Assisted Therapy Availability Pending FDA Approval

Our Approach to MDMA Therapy

Welcome to Cambridge Biotherapies Beverly, your trusted center for innovative mental health solutions on the North Shore. Our Beverly treatment center is committed to providing MDMA-assisted therapy, a progressive treatment that combines the therapeutic qualities of MDMA with expert psychotherapy. This powerful blend is aimed at helping individuals navigate and heal from substantial emotional and psychological difficulties.

At Cambridge Biotherapies Beverly, healing starts with a nurturing and supportive environment. Our method is scientifically driven and delivered with compassion and understanding. We focus on conditions such as PTSD, severe depression, and anxiety, utilizing MDMA to bolster the psychotherapeutic process.

Why Choose MDMA-Assisted Therapy?

By choosing our MDMA-assisted therapy provides distinct advantages:

    • Enhanced Emotional Insight: By mitigating the fear associated with traumatic memories, MDMA fosters deeper emotional awareness and can be especially effective for those who have not benefited from traditional therapies.
    • Stronger Therapeutic Relationships: This therapy enhances the connection between therapist and patient, which is essential for successful outcomes.
    • Quick Symptom Improvement: Patients often see faster and more significant symptom relief compared to conventional therapy methods.

The Therapy Process

Our structured treatment ensures both safety and efficacy:

  • Initial Assessment: Each patient’s therapy begins with a detailed evaluation to tailor MDMA-assisted therapy to their specific needs.
  • Preparation Sessions: Before the MDMA sessions, preparatory meetings help set therapeutic goals and build trust.
  • MDMA Therapy Sessions: These are held in a controlled, serene setting, enabling patients to safely explore their psychological landscape under the guidance of skilled therapists.
  • Integration Sessions: After the MDMA experience, integration sessions help patients assimilate the insights gained, applying them to improve their daily lives.

Our Beverly Facility

Located in the tranquil surroundings of Beverly, our treatment center is perfectly placed for those seeking a reflective, healing environment. Designed to promote peace and calm, our facility features private rooms optimized for personal discovery and recovery.

Meet Our Team

The Beverly team consists of experienced psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, and specialized therapists, all skilled in psychedelic-assisted therapies. Committed to empathetic, personalized care, they ensure every patient feels supported through their healing journey.

Patient Experiences

Our patients’ successes underscore the transformative impact of therapy at Cambridge Biotherapies Beverly:

“This center offers a warm, cozy and friendly environment with expert providers who are willing to spend time establishing rapport, learning your history and recommending the best protocol that will meet your individual needs to achieve relief and recovery.”

“Incredible. Please schedule with Cambridge Biotherapies if you are able. I have experienced a year worth of therapy in a few weeks with them. They are kind, compassionate, and understanding. I feel safe and well taken care of when I am there. Highly recommend!”

Ready to Start Your Journey?

If you’re facing overwhelming psychological hurdles, consider Cambridge Biotherapies Beverly. See how MDMA-assisted therapy can help you or your loved ones heal. Visit Cambridge Biotherapies, call for a consultation, or browse our website. Embark on a transformative healing journey with Cambridge Biotherapies Beverly, where cutting-edge science and heartfelt compassion converge to change lives.

Effective, proven therapies to help you on the road to recovery

psychedelic Therapy

Psychedelic Therapy

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) combines preparation, medication (ketamine), and talk therapy.
MDMA Therapy is coming soon.

Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Groundbreaking approach that has shown fast-acting relief for depression, anxiety, pain, headache, and more.

TMS Therapy

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Medication Management

Medication Management

Ongoing medication prescription as a stand-alone service, or in combination with other treatments we provide.

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We Make a Plan

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We Begin

Your treatment will be overseen by our highly qualified medical staff. We’ll monitor and adjust the plan along the way as needed.

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