Ketamine For Pain

Understanding the Challenge of Chronic Pain

Pain can affect your ability to do everyday activities, but more importantly it can diminish the quality of your life. Pain is a complex condition that can encompass both physical and emotional strain.

You’re Not Alone

Living with chronic pain might make you feel:

  • Trapped in an ongoing struggle with discomfort
  • Frustrated by the limitations it places on your lifestyle
  • Overwhelmed by the constant management of pain
  • Helpless as traditional treatments fail to provide relief

A Path to Relief

But there’s hope. Ketamine therapy has emerged as a powerful treatment for chronic pain, offering substantial relief when other methods have fallen short. At Cambridge Biotherapies™, we specialize in advanced pain management solutions. Our Harvard-trained Psychiatrist & Chief Medical Officer, along with our compassionate team, are committed to providing you with innovative treatments tailored to ease your pain and improve your life.

Your Journey Towards Relief

Start your journey to pain relief today. You don’t have to endure the burden of chronic pain alone. With our leading-edge approach and proven success in pain management, we offer the support and care necessary to reclaim your comfort and freedom.

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Offering Ketamine Treatment for Pain in Massachusetts

Cambridge Biotherapies™ is a leading provider of Ketamine treatment in Massachusetts, with main locations in Amherst, Beverly, and Cambridge. Dedicated to supporting people on their journey to recovery, we offer evidence-based and personalized Ketamine treatment plans.

The highly experienced team at Cambridge Biotherapies™ employs a holistic approach, combining therapy, medication management, and innovative interventions to address the unique needs of each patient. With accessible locations in Amherst, Beverly, and Cambridge, we ensure that people seeking pain relief have convenient access to comprehensive and compassionate care to facilitate their path to recovery.

Ketamine for Pain in Amherst, MA

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Ketamine for Pain in Beverly, MA

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Ketamine for Pain in Cambridge, MA

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Ketamine for Pain

Ketamine Infusion Therapy can offer hope to those suffering from conditions that have been resistant to traditional pain management strategies. This treatment approach involves the administration of ketamine, a medication known for its potent analgesic and antidepressant effects, by intravenous infusion under the supervision of medical professionals.

Ketamine therapy works by targeting NMDA receptors in the brain, which play a key role in the transmission and perception of pain. By modulating these receptors, ketamine can effectively disrupt pain signals, providing significant relief when other treatments have failed.

Chronic pain conditions such as neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), headache, and other persistent pain states are particularly responsive to ketamine infusion therapy. Patients who undergo this treatment report a substantial decrease in pain intensity, an improvement in function, and a reduction in the need for opioid medications, which are commonly associated with adverse side effects and dependency issues.

Beyond its analgesic properties, ketamine has been observed to promote neural growth and repair, potentially offering long-term benefits by addressing the underlying neurological aspects of chronic pain.

Pain and Mood

Chronic pain not only causes physical discomfort but also has effects on emotional well-being. It can trigger anxiety, social isolation, sleep disturbances, and leave you feeling emotionally exhausted. Over time, the continuous battle and the resulting limitations on activities and enjoyment can trigger depression, creating a cycle where the pain creates emotional distress, which makes the experience of pain even more unbearable. Effectively managing the emotional impact is essential for improving the overall quality of life for those living with chronic pain.

While ketamine has been shown to help treat chronic pain, recent breakthroughs have demonstrated that intravenous ketamine is the most effective and fastest-acting antidepressant ever discovered. This combination of antidepressant effects and pain relief makes ketamine a promising, comprehensive solution for those seeking relief from persistent pain and an improved ability to cope with depression, stress and discomfort.

Are you ready to take control of your pain and depression? Cambridge Biotherapies offers ketamine infusion therapy in a safe, private, and comfortable setting. Don’t let pain and depression hold you back any longer.

Infusion Appointment Flow

Arrival Time

Check-in, verify insurance/payment info

Verify no eating in prior 2 hrs + no liquids in prior 30 min

Set Up & Medicine Administration (20 Min)

Get settled in treatment room

Review Plan for the Session, Q&A

Vitals Check

Intention Setting / Re-presencing

Administer Ketamine

Get Comfortable, Apply Eye Shades & Start Curated Music

Infusion (-120 Min)

Infusion starts and continues for 120 minutes

Recovery (0-30+ Min)

10-30 min + sitting, talking with infusion nurse, or listening to music, journaling or meditating

Herbal Tea, Water Available

Departure Time

No Driving or Operating Heavy Machinery

Medically cleared prior to departure

Interested in delving deeper into ketamine infusion therapy?

Explore our comprehensive, scholarly presentations on the subject here.

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