Ketamine Assisted Therapy Beverly, MA

Ketamine Assisted Therapy in Beverly, MA, at Cambridge Biotherapies™

What is Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy, or talk therapy, is a way of helping the people of Beverlry, MA, deal with emotional challenges that stem from stress, trauma, or mental illness of any kind. Psychotherapy involves regular meetings with a trained therapist, who begins by establishing trust and alliance with the patient. Over a series of sessions, the therapist supports the patient’s exploration of thoughts and emotions to deepen their understanding of their mind, heal psychological wounds, and develop adaptive and positive behaviors.

Ketamine assisted therapy in Beverly MA

Discover a Brighter Tomorrow with Ketamine Psychotherapy in Beverly, MA!

We are pleased to offer ketamine psychotherapy in Beverly, MA, also known as Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP). This method is widely recognized as one of the most potent and transformative approaches to utilizing ketamine in addressing depression and anxiety. Our distinct ketamine psychotherapy approach is termed the “KAPstone Psychedelic Therapy Program”. It’s important to note that ketamine psychotherapy doesn’t necessarily replace any existing therapy or treatment. In many cases, ketamine assisted therapy in Beverly, MA,  is most effective when used in conjunction with ongoing psychotherapy. However, there are instances where patients experience significant benefits from ketamine psychotherapy even if they aren’t participating in another psychotherapy or treatment regimen. A visual depiction of our ketamine psychotherapy protocol is provided below.

KAPstone Psychedelic Therapy Program

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Week 1
Get Started

  1. Psychiatric Evaluation
  2. Therapy Alliance
  3. Prepartion, Goals, Intentions

These sessions are 50 min each & virtual.

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Week 2-7
Infusions + Integration

Weekly ketamine infusion + next-day integration therapy.

Infusion appts. are 75 min. Integration is 50 min. & virtual.

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Week 11
KAPstone Follow-up

One-Month KAPstone Follow-up therapy session.

These sessions are 50 min each & virtual.

Treatment begins with an evaluation by one of our medical providers. Next, you will meet (virtually or in person) with the therapist for an hour-long session to develop treatment goals and work on setting intentions. Then, six cycles of the following are typically recommended: A Ketamine infusion followed by a psychotherapy session, referred to as an “integration session. Depending on treatment location and scheduling availability, the KAPstone Psychedelic Therapy program may be delivered as a joint infusion + integration appointment, or as two separate appointments where the infusion is followed by next-day integration therapy. The next-day model is visualized below for illustrative purposes.

During the integration sessions, the therapist works with the patient to interpret the content of the ketamine experience into meaningful long-term change by identifying insights or analyzing thoughts or ideas that arose during the experience.

A 45-minute follow-up appointment with the therapist is scheduled 3-4 weeks following treatment to evaluate the outcome and talk about possible next steps. A more detailed visual breakdown follows:

Client Journey Outline


50 Min. w/Psychiatrist or Psych-NP

Review Medical History, Conduct Assessment(s)

Identify the primary issues and symptoms

Review Treatment Options

Establish Action Plan


50 Min. w/Therapist or Psychiatrist

Review History, Establish Trust + Alliance


Intention Setting

Review the Integration Workbook

Goals, Intentions

50 Min. w/Therapist or Psychiatrist

Review homepage ( Integration Workbook )


Review Intention Setting


Part 1 : Arrival , Q&A ( 10 Min )

Part 2 : Get Settled, Intention Setting ( 10 Min )

Part 3 : Ketamine Infusion ( 40 Min )

Part 4 : Brief Review of Experience ( 10 Min )

Part 5 : Recovery Room ( As Necessary ) 

Departure: Someone must drive you home.


50 Min. w/Therapist or Psychiatrist

Discuss previous ketamine experience

Review Intensions for next infusion and therapy sesssion


50 Min. w/Therapist or Psychiatrist

Review post month of Ingrating

Discuss next steps in treatment journey

Patients may choose from two models of care: one with a psychiatrist (currently available), and one with a licensed social worker or mental health expert (waiting list only). Costs may be found under “Billing”.

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